It is not at all easy, in our times, to find artists who make, from the creation, an exercise of true freedom. Too often they let the predominant tendency, or simply the fashion, be imposed upon the spontaneity and the deeply personal and rigorous task. Thus, the result consists of something that pretends to pursue us to provoke us, instead of a living work that should bring us profoundly closer to reality and nourishes us internally.

Reflections like these come to my mind and to my hands on the keyboard about Oriol Sàbat, a young man, independent, who is developing naturally and with enthusiasm, and who imprints his personal character on his paintings, drawings, ceramics and sculptures, as well as his poems. In him, the visual artist and the poet are in perfect accord. And in everything he does there is a great energy and passion; a passion that runs impetuously, but in which he knows how to find measure. Like it occurs in the best cases, what he does is to let the work be itself, in accordance with a conception that is being elaborated in a lengthy task of birth and adjustment.

Oriol Sàbat's career, regardless of the difficulties that all artists find nowadays and even more so if he aspires to be independent, is solid and his contribution is valuable. Whether from one discipline or another, we immediately recognise his work as his. This condition gives him creditability, without a doubt. And his quality, the intensity of his vision and the great dedication in which he lives the artistic creation are also essential.

J. Corredor-Matheos

Sculpture in workshop